Share My Creation MARCAS, my new application for Android


I want to share with you my new application make with B4A that yesterday I have upload in the play store. This is the link to the app:

Tha application is only in Spanich language because is only for the Spain Swimmers (Information about Spanish Championships, and information about Clubs). The application contents a different Chronometro that can measure the times up to 5 swimmers at the same time.

The 'stop' of each individual chrono is made with doble click in the word 'VUELTA' (LAP).

Really thanks to Erel and his fantastic B4A, and thanks to the forum I not needed to ask anything. All that I needed, I found in the forum and manuals.

In other hands, Congratulation Erel for your 10 years membership as user in your site! ;)

The Chrono vs Mínima page:


The History page:


The Main page: