Market your Basic4ppc programs using a Slide Show.

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    Once you have written a Basic4ppc program that you would like to
    try and sell to your customers, you need a simple way to market the

    In this example, I created a talking slide show that hilights some of the
    selling points of two programs that I have written. The idea here is to
    try and create an interesting presentation and package it all up into a
    (.cab) installation file that a customer can install on their PDA and take
    with them. They can view the presentation at any time by launching
    the slide show presentation on their PDA.

    I had to limit the presentation to 2 entries because of the file upload
    limit on the Basic4PPC Forum: about 396K for a (.zip) file.

    You could create a presentation of any length and upload it to a website
    on the Internet for downloading any time of the day or night.

    The code for this slide show is a customized version of the other slide
    show programs that I have uploaded to the Basic4PPC Forums in the
    "Share Your Creations" section.

    The file "Mm0.JPG" is a screenshot of the program at startup. The graphic
    image that shows up on the startup screen can be selected and saved in the
    "Edit" section of the program.

    The file "Mm1.JPG" is a screenshot of slide 1.
    The file "Mm2.JPG" is a screenshot of slide 2.
    The file "Mm3.JPG" is a screenshot of the "Edit" screen.
    The file "Sst2.sbp" is the Basic4PPC source code for the program.
    The file "" is the ARMV4 (.cab) installation file for the program.

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