B4R Question Measure thickness using Ultrasonic Sensor


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Hello All,

While reading related to ultrasonic sensor , I am able to measure the distance of any object.
But I want to measure the thickness gauge [non-contact] of any object using US[Ultrasonic].
Could anyone advice on this please, as how can I start to measure the thickness of any object [for ex any wooden board, conveyor belt etc].

Any pointer would be a great help for me.


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I don't know the precision if ultrasonic distance measurement.. You need to know that.. Then you may want to put the subject piece against a wall.. Measure the distance to the wall and subtract the test apiece distance from that.. You will end up with thickness you are looking for. You can automate the whole process. The problem with this is that, ultrasonic beam travels in about 18 degrees angle so you can forget this solution.


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The sound travels in a conic beam so you are not able to measure thickness, only average distance. If one surface is not plain you will get an average measure, since you are not able to focus sound beam on one point.
Use laser becausr it's directional.