Wish MediaView of B4J (Oficial)

Douglas Farias

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Hi all, my sugestion its a mediaview of b4j oficial, i have found only this lib for mediaview (run videos)

and the author dont log on on the forum, and dont want make changes.

This lib dont suport stream online videos, and you cant put video full screen, the aspect radio block it.

My sugestion is to make a native of b4j mediaview, and add this at design internal too.

I think this is very important. ty


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There is this project: https://github.com/caprica/vlcj . It embeds a VLC media player in a Swing JFrame or AWT Window. Using JavaFX's SwingNode, you can embed a Swing component in an FX application.

VLC is a cross platform media player that handles pretty much every codec and container format under the Sun, including DVD playback. Possibly streaming, too.

If you put a bounty on constructing this library in the Job Offers forum (with a big enough bounty), I suspect you'll get at least one reply.


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Here is a quick and dirty port of the VideoJS in a webview for B4j, it needs scaling and tidying. But it works.

See VideoJS website for any licensing requirements.


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