Android Question Memory size of emulator


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I have two questions about the memory size.

I can see the value 512 in the emulator settings. I think it means 512 MB? Right?

If so, I don't understand why my app is running out of memory.
Or better to say: It is downsampling images.

My apk file has only 5 MB.

All the apps I download from the play store are bigger.
I don't have a problem on the phone with the memory, only in the emulator.

Is there a special value I should use instead of the 512?

What size is recommended for apps and what memory size is allowed to get sure it is running on the most phones or tablets?



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It is working fine on the real device. I am only afraid, because I am not sure if it runs everywhere. I dont know the memory size of older phones. Mine is 2 years old and has for sure enough memory.