Bug? Minor ListView bug


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When you use the TwoLinesAndBitmap style for items, the labels are simply moved left to make room for the bitmap, they are not resized, so they "protrude outside" the right side of the viewable area.

That's usually not a problem, but if you start messing with the TwoLinesAndBitmap layout, for example changing Gravity to Center or Right, things do not appear where you'd expect them. Likewise if you, for example change the SecondLabel to be multiline, in which case, words just before the linebreak will be outside the viewable area.

A simple workaround:

MyList.TwoLinesAndBitmap.Label.Width = MyList.width - MyList.TwoLinesAndBitmap.Label.Left
MyList.TwoLinesAndBitmap.SecondLabel.Width = MyList.width - MyList.TwoLinesAndBitmap.SecondLabel.Left

Not critical, but as the fix is fairly simple, it would be nice to see it fixed in a future version.