Share My Creation Mixer Ear Monitor

Thanks to Erel, B4A-B4J, forum Italian and English.
I made an app for Android with hardware module.
For those unfamiliar with what an ear monitor, I recommend a google search.
I am a member of a music band, (I play guitar) we needed to hear the separate
instruments for each person in the group.
The same function can make the mixer, but thanks to B4A the same thing can make a tablet!
The purpose of the publication of "Share Your Creations" and let people know that with
a fantastic B4A-B4J can accomplish even complex applications.
P.S.1 Release the code or the apk would be useless without the hardware.
P.S.2 My app and hardware module are not for sale.
(sorry Google T.)

Software : B4A Licensed User

Library B4A: Core,RandomAccessFile,Serial,SQL

Info app : Language Italian,Bluetooth 4,Version app 1.0,Tablet 10.1 android, Select Instrument,Presetsong

Hardware : BCD110 Bluetooth, Output 8, Input 5 (E.Guitar,A.Guitar,Bass,Key) + aux (Drum,Metronome)

App ear monitor.png
App ear monitor preset song.png