Android Question ML/AI library for B4X.


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I registered with twelvedata and obtained my api key to test and see if I can adapt it to predict cryptocurrency instead of stock in your sample
@omo - I took this quote from another thread and thought I would start an exploratory ML/AI library thread to see what is out there for B4X just to get the discussion started.

I read bout @Erel s (rockin') language prediction. Has anyone ran across a time series library suitable for numeric analysis in B4X for ML/AI?

I'm not looking for a handout here, I've done some preliminary research on time series prediction for B4X projects and I did find a nice Microsoft article about how to build a basic time series regression from scratch in C# (that I have converted to a working VB.Net project). My hope was/is to re-create this in a B4X class, but I have so little spare time. Maybe the answer is porting an existing Java library (if there are any suitable ones). Anyone who has suggestions please chime in. Thank you.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in the subject or creating B4X ML/AI library or converting the article below from VB.Net into a B4X class. I don't have the time to get it done quickly myself but would be happy to participate in a "group/open source" project with some of y'all. I'm happy to pass along the VB.Net project that I converted from the article below if it would help. I've done quite a bit of non B4X ML/AI work and it can be a can of worms. I'm not sure just one of us can tackle it... well @Erel maybe but he is the GOAT :)

Time-Series Regression Using a C# Neural Network

Please share comments and thoughts... Am I crazy ? LOL Thank you!
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