German MLWifi Library Problem bei WifiSSID


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(Android 9) habe gibt die Funktion wifi.wifissid nur mehr <unknown ssid> zurück
Das geschieht, wenn Du nicht die Berechtigung hast.
Neben den poermissions im Manifest MUSS die Berechtigung zur Laufzeit ebenfalls mit Runtimepermission abgefragt werden.

Restricted access to Wi-Fi location and connection information
In Android 9, the permission requirements for an app to perform Wi-Fi scans are more strict than in previous versions. For details, see Wi-Fi scanning restrictions.

Similar restrictions also apply to the getConnectionInfo() method, which returns a WifiInfo object describing the current Wi-Fi connection. You can only use this object's methods to retrieve SSID and BSSID values if the calling app has the following permissions:

Retrieving the SSID or BSSID also requires location services to be enabled on the device (under Settings > Location).

Information removed from Wi-Fi service methods
In Android 9, the following events and broadcasts don't receive information about the user's location or personally identifiable data:

The NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION system broadcast from Wi-Fi no longer contains SSID (previously EXTRA_SSID), BSSID (previously EXTRA_BSSID), or connection information (previously EXTRA_NETWORK_INFO). If your app needs this information, call getConnectionInfo() instead.
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Danke jetzt funktioniert es wieder.

Allerdings musste ich die Standorteinstellung selbst in den Einstellungen aktivieren.
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, womit die App selbst um Berechtigungen fragt (wie bei vielen anderen Apps)?