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This was probably one of the hardest libraries for me to make because i received tons of errors when I started with it, I had to work with internal classes and I even don't know if it works yet, because my MMS settings aren't correct and I don't know if my operator supports them yet.

So with this library, you are able to send an MMS message and give some details with it (subject, file, filetype, recipient, ...)

It's still in beta phase, so there still might be a few bugs, so it would be great if you could help this out.

On some docs on the internet thet state that there is a problem with the Samsung devices and that they retrieve an error.

The zip file contains a sample file and the library files.

You should respect the order of methods to call!
First call the receiver, then the settings and then make a connection.
In this beta version, everything is logged, so check your log pane at the right of the IDE.




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Samsung Error

finally got to trying your library!

On A Samsung - GT-55570 running 2.3.6, I installed and ran the sample app. The log showed that APN receiver registered, and then an error: type is not TYPE_MOBILE_MMS, bail

Settings Completed
beginMMSConnectivity: result=2

APNConnection Started

Are you still working on the library, how do you receive incoming MMS messages?



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On Nexus 5 with 4.4.2
** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true **
file exists
** Activity (main) Resume **
APN Receiver registered
Settings completed
APN Connection started
but nothing happens...
Where is the transactionID number taken from ?


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Tenho o outro aplicativo do UREL mas ele abre o app de envio de mms, e não envia, ele depende de um clique, alguem pode me ajudar ?