B4A Library Mobile Payments Library

Hello everyone,

This app lets you add in-app purchases from your Basic4Android application.
You are able to pay with Paypal, creditcard, etc.

The library is from ZooZ, not the one from PayPal!. It is a very to use library with a few functions.
All transactions, etc are done by ZooZ.

ZooZ is a software library for mobile application developers (runs on Android & iOS platforms) that enables to accept payments in your app quickly and easily.
ZooZ handles the entire payment process removing all the headaches from you as a merchant and developer.

Integration is easy and can be completed in 4 easy steps:

Step 1
Download all 4 library files (2 .jars and 2 .xmls), place them in your additional library folder and check them in your Basic4Android library pane at the right side of the IDE.

Step 2
Register at zooz.CO - purchase this domain.

Step 3
Register your app - Your app needs to be registered via this link.
When registering the app you receive a unique "APP KEY", which need to be used in the integration code.

Step 4
Code integration - The attachments includes a working sample file with the functions included.
Fill in your AppKey received from step 3.

Dim Payment as MobilePayment

Two events are raised when the transaction succeeds or fails:
Sub Payment_Success (TransactionID As String)
   Msgbox("Transaction ID: " & TransactionID, "Transaction Successful.")

End Sub

Sub Payment_Error (ErrorCode As Int, ErrorMessage As String)
   Msgbox("Error in transaction." & CRLF & "Error code: " & ErrorCode & CRLF & ErrorMessage, "Transaction Error")
End Sub

Step 5
Edit your manifest file and add the following 2 functions in your application node.

<!-- ZooZ Activity -->
<activity android:name="com.zooz.android.lib.CheckoutActivity" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent"/>
<!-- Pay Pal -->
<activity android:name="com.paypal.android.MEP.PayPalActivity" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar"

In project - do not overwrite manifest.

Step 6
Go live - After Integration and testing are completed you can move to production and start accepting payments.

And that's all.
I haven't been able to test it, as for the first time, you have to enter a creditcard number, and unfortunately, I don't have one.

Have fun!


EDIT: I hope the forum max zip upload can be updated some time. :)

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