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Discussion in 'Basic4ppc Wishlist' started by WZSun, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. WZSun

    WZSun Member Licensed User

    Hi Erel,
    Not sure whether this feature is available currently.. but it'd be great to have a modal form feature as well which can act as a pop-up dialog, and information, or anything. It's like a form but size can be defined and yet the window can be movable by clicking and dragging them.

    Currently, if we use the PANEL controls.. anything outside the panel can still be clickable. For example the form is 240x320... and the panel is 100x200.. if there are buttons on the form that is outside the panel size.. it is clickable as well.

    One method is to put a 'full screen' imagebutton as the upper layer, below the panel.. but that requires layering adjustment if new controls are added.

    Having a form that can be set as modal would be great.

  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    From your description "size can be defined and yet the window can be movable by clicking and dragging them" you want this for the desktop. My FormExDesktop library can do this (and more).

    Check out the demo app included - it shows a modal form.

    You should check that forum for many other useful libraries - note that the latest versions of the libraries are sometimes reposted at the beginning of the thread and sometimes at the end so you may need need to read through the thread to find the current version.
  3. WZSun

    WZSun Member Licensed User

    Thanks.. I've tried it.. great!

    Would definitely love it to be included as part of Basic4PPC function perhaps as a property settings, to minimise the user of too many external dll as possible.

  4. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    This is unlikely. Basic4PPC is, as the name implies, really targeted at devices so Erel seems to want to keep the "official" Basic4PPC functionality as similar as possible on both desktop and device. As a developer I can understand why.

    Lots of libraries is a by-product of the easy extensibility of B4PPC. I'd rather have many libraries and user extensibility than no libraries and a locked down system. Note that B4PPC boasts many "official" libraries to extend the core functionality. Erel has stated elsewhere that in a future version "Most libraries will be embedded in the executable file". That will reduce the number of files needed for an application.
  5. WZSun

    WZSun Member Licensed User

    Hi Agraham,
    Thanks.. I understand the constraint.. and the constant focus to make both desktop/device functions identical.

    I'm looking to future versions with external dll (and files?) embedded into the runtime EXE.. hopefully this doesn't slow down the initial loading. Otherwise, leaving them as external is much preferred.

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