Android Question Modified ad behavior policy violation in Admob with App Open Ad


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I received an e-mail with warning from Admob and get ad serving restricted in my app.
After don't find the cause, I contact the support and got the information about the issue.

The problem is the app open ad show a transparency inside the ad, as show in the first image attached.
The green arrows show the correct place of opacity in the screen.
The red arrows show the problem with opacity: parts of the main screen is showing.
The other image "Escape with us" is the example from Admob.

I don't know what can be the cause of this problem.
I use the code from AdsHelper class and don't saw nothing in the code to avoid this problem with transparency.
I'll be thankfull for any help.


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I think the issue is with how you are loading the ads...

Your splash screens should have shown first then the ads loads on top of it...
Make sure you are not loading the ads and splash screen together at once causing the device to render the ads first then your splash screen a little late.
Thanks for your answer.
I try to follow the guideline to AppOpenAds to show the ad after the splashscreen desapears and main screen is showing.
But your answer give me an idea to change the showing of the open ad.
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