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  1. Mark Turney

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    More Notes is the big brother to Less Note. Adding more features and options, More Notes still maintains just enough features to do what you need without any extraneous features that make the utility cumbersome.

    More Notes includes all of the following features of Less Note:

    - Black (default), red, green, blue, and eraser pens
    - Smooth, flowing writing and drawing
    - Ability to turn the buttons on / off
    - Lighted buttons so that you know which color pen is active, including the eraser

    Plus, it adds the following features and options:
    - Four different paper types: The original graph and plain white, with beige parchment and lined as additional options.
    - Ability to take or choose an image which becomes your canvas upon which to draw.
    - When saving your creation, the paper type or image is saved along with the writing/drawing as a single flattened image.


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  2. Mark Turney

    Mark Turney Active Member Licensed User

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