more shortcuts for the desktop IDE


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Hi Erel,

as I'm getting into work with the new dektop IDE (which I like very much :)) I realized the missing shortcuts for all the new (and even some old) features. Could you add those shortcuts to the next version of basic4ppc?
It is not very effective programming if you you always have to take your hand(s) of the keyboard and start using the mouse to select a smarticon or something else.
Here is a (not complete) list of missing shortcuts:
- add/remove Bookmark
- jump to next/previous bookmark
- comment/uncomment
- fold/unfold sub at cursor position
- fold/unfold all subs (ok, that's a new feature...;))

And another big wish wich drives me crazy all the time:
Please change the shortcut Ctrl+Y to "Redo" and take a enw one for "Cut Line"!
Since every IDE I know uses Ctrl+Y for "Redo", I always delete some lines if I like to undo my last types ...