MouseDown/Move/Up either in all Controls or not hiding from Form


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simple example: After a user has selected a position in a TextBox the application might require to get a MouseUp event.

Unfortunately, as soon as you place a TextBox on a Form, any mouse events within the region of the TextBox are masked from the Form, you want get an event.

Two solutions:
easy(?): Just don't mask Mouse events from the form. (Actually, current behavior could be considered a bug).

complicated(!): Add these events to every control.

BTW: The simplified programming model of B4PPC suggests the former solution.

BTW2: It gets even more complicated with controls which are added by libraries (e.g., TreeView).

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In the .NET Compact Framework only the Panel, PictureBox and Form controls receive Mouse events which is one reason why only the Panel and Form controls in B4PPC implement them.

You could try using dzt's dzEventsMagic library :-

This might let you get the mouse messages for a B4PPC Image control (which is based on a .NET PictureBox) and maybe for other controls as well - but no guarantees as I don't know which window messages are sent to which control.

EDIT:- Note that this library needs .NET 2.0
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