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    Hello again,

    I've written a simple mp3 player but have a small glitch. I'm using a trackbar to show/control the position in the mp3 file. Once the file is playing a timer is set so that once a second I update the trackbar position. I would like however for the user to be able to change the position of the trackbar as well using sub trackbar_valuechanged.

    What happens however is that when the timer event is triggered the trackbar_valuechanged is subsequently triggered as well because the trackbar value is changed programatically. The sub trackbar_valuechanged then reassigns fmod.position which causes a small tick in the audio playback.

    Has anybody found the same problem?

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    Now to answer my own question... Using a global variable to keep track of the previous trackbar value I can reduce the effect. If the trackbar has changed significantly, the user moved the trackbar, only then do I change fmod.position. This works good enough.
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    one way of solving your problem would be to declare a global variable that your trackbar ValueChanged sub can use to differentiate a change made within the program from a change made by user input. In this example, the code in bar_ValueChanged only executes if the change DOES NOT come from Timer1_Tick:

    Sub Globals
    Dim auto_change
    End Sub

    Sub Timer1_Tick
    ' change bar.value here
    End Sub

    Sub bar_ValueChanged
    If auto_change=false Then
    ' change fmod.position here
    End If
    End Sub
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    track bar

    I had the same problem and decided to show the advance of the song by a progress bar, and allow the user to select a new point in the song by moving the track bar - but the track bar is not moving, only by the user:

    Sub Timer1_Tick
    progressBar1.Value = fmod.Position / fmod.Length1 * 100
    end sub

    Sub Bar1_ValueChanged
    fmod.Position = bar1.Value * fmod.Length1 /100
    End Sub

    not ellegant but efficient...

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