Other mqtt client B4R update to version 2.8


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i encountered something with the supplied B4R Mqtt files. The ESP01 will get into the hardware watchdog reset when you send a long sting (60 chars) over Mqtt.
This can happen once a day, once a hour or 10x/hour. Traced it to the Publish function where i noticed that sometimes the stack was different before and after calling the Publish function. In version 2.8 (dated 2020) changes are made which are not in the download from B4R.
Ran the same test on a Arduino example this all was fine, so checked the MQTT internal Lib in B4R and noticed that those are not the latest from github. (now 2.8)

When you replace those 2 files the MQTT client is up to date. (anywaresoftware-->B4R-->librarys-->MQTT)
-->Beware when you reinstall B4R those files are overwritten. (But i assume that Erel will probably replace those files next update of B4R. -now used in B4R3.90)
Running now the MQTT for days the hardware watchdog never comes in again :)


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did you check rMQTT_Ex ?:

this one is based on PubSubClient to v2.8
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