Share My Creation MQTT ,ESP8266 and Internet of Things


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I wrote a small application on the basis of the library
It is made in the ESP8266 chip.

The application can:
-Transfer temperature DS18b20 chip -40 + 120C
-On/Off relay 220V/5A
-Read Sensor Alarm
-Send and Read Message and Command of topic MQTT
-Timer work relay
-broker MQTT

I can receive data and control the relay via the Internet on my smartphone 2G/3G,WIFI.
(no real IP)
This hardware:


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Hi Alexhi,

Glad to see that my Mqtt lib is useful :)

Thanks to your help I have discovered ESP8266 stuff ...and I like it !

After testing (successfully) nodeMCU with lua, I have now jumped to th excellent Arduino firmware.



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Hi,JP !
I also tried Arduino firmware for ESP, but it's much better. IMHO :)
  • Fast & user friendly development
  • Work with GPIO in Arduino style
  • High effective in perfomance and memory usage (this is native firmware!)
  • Compatible with standard Arduino libraries - use any popular hardware in few lines of code
  • OTA (cloud) firmware updating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Build-in file system: spiffs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Build-in powerfull network and wireless modules
  • Build-in great JSON library: ArduinoJson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MQTT protocol based on libemqtt
  • Open source LWIP stack
  • Simple and powerfull hardware API wrappers
  • Based on Espressif SDK v1.0.1b1

Now I use this modul ESP-12E

Alex Shipov


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yes for the module I have the same :)

OTA --> impressive (i will try it)

Do you have HSpi example working with Sming ?


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Thanks for sharing this information and I have a couple of questions:

1- Is there any English documentation for the module below? all hits from Google returned information in Russian language.

2- Is the small communication module with embedded antenna, is it a Bluetooth module or WiFi chip?

Thanks again

How can I buy it?


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Hi Alexhi,

Love this project, I have been playing with ESP for quite a long time, just getting myself back in to B4a, any chance of a copy of the
B4A project code. Will allow me to learn and create my own MQTT application.

Brilliant work, well done buddy. PS: What version of B4A did you use?