municipality/district staff team management [B4A+B4i+(B4J/.Net/V.Studio/PHP]


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We need a municipality to use county staff team management.

We accept a previously prepared application or to prepare a new application.

Please share to app or power point or video for previously prepared application. After maybe we will update it.

Or New app:

  • Control and monitoring main room unit or manager(PC)
  • Team menagment.
  • Staff assignment (Phone&Tablet)
  • Team messaging (group and single)
  • Team location on map
  • File Sharing
  • User Forms proceses (municipal criminal record : Wrong parking/ trash on steert/loud voice)
    • Fiiiling form
    • Adding GPS loaciton
    • Adding Picture
    • adding signature
    • convert/share/send/print with PDF or Server records
  • And Etc forms...

We talked with the new municipality operation manager. Therefore everything is in the beginning.

  • Is the design complete? No,new start. We need a simple fronted and app.
  • Can you provide the full requirements. we know only the general framework. like in my job offers(team meeassing , fillin forms, etc)
  • does the app need to integrate to an existing server back end or does that also need to be developed. New need server side app .NET
  • Are there any restrictions or particular requirements, for example, the system must use Firebase. Generally no. but firebase has usage costs. we choise free use things.(Google maps is ok, we must use it. and pay it)
  • should the solution be multi lingual?(No, Only Turkish, We translete it for free )
  • Do you have an overall budget for this? (No daily payment/Overall project. we are waiting developer offer, The council wants it to be cheap. :) )
I will update this offer as new information arrives.

upload_2019-7-31_11-12-59.png upload_2019-7-31_11-13-55.png upload_2019-7-31_11-14-56.png upload_2019-7-31_11-15-35.png upload_2019-7-31_11-17-38.png upload_2019-7-31_11-18-46.png

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