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Immerse yourself in an exciting journey through time with the Billboard Hot 100 music charts from 1951 to the present day.

You can view weekly and yearly charts (first 10 tracks) and statistics with summary and details, search by title, artist or album, link to Wikipedia informations, Vevo or YouTube videos, listen to Spotify music.

A charming way to remember the songs and artists that have accompanied your life and awaken emotions and memories.

N.B.: You can use this application offline, but you will need an internet connection for artists images and audio/video contents. Use of the above mentioned linked external applications is optional and is subject to the respective terms of use.

Free Version :

A new Online Version that retrieves data from a MySQL DB Server is here :


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Nice app, but there are some problems.

1- You should use a modern look, meaning, target SDK > 14
2- The backgrounds look distorted, you should scale them properly respecting the aspect ratio.
3- Your ads are very intrusive, they cover most of the bottom item, see HERE
4- I would recommend using a different layout, the fonts are too small, they might not look on the screen shots but on the devices are kind of hard to read. ScreenShot
5- When tapping on the YouTube link (which by the way those buttons are also too small) it should play the selected video/track, not just displaying a "search"

Very interesting app, but need some design/layouts improvements.


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Thanks for the advice.

The app is not brand new. I've done it more than one year ago. Anyway I regularly update it every week.

I personally don't like very much modern look (spinners, checkboxes, edittext, etc.).

The scrollview should scroll more than the ads size, allowing to display all the list.

At first YouTube was working like you say and there was a Vevo button too, to directly display Vevo videos but, with latest Vevo interface upgrades, I noticed problems loading videos with low memory devices. So I decided to use only the YouTube search, this way you can find and play Vevo videos too.

I agree that I should expand fonts ans buttons for wider devices.