Android Question My app is freezing on realme mobiles

Juzer Hussain

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Hi Freinds,

After downloading my recently updated app users are not able to run the app.It is freezing.
Has anyone faced this issue.The mobiles having issues are Realme, Vivo and Nokia.

Pls guide if possible.



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if the app works on some devices and on other not,
than I would do ...

1) deinstall the old app before you install the new app. If the database is on an external path, its not deleteted with the deinstallation. You must do it by hand.

2) Check if your device has internet. Once I was connected to a router via Wifi, but the router was not connected to the internet.

3) Check if your app has on the device all the permissions which are needed. You can see this in the system config of android.

4) Include more log()
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