My B4X History

I have been in electronics and programming since I was a teenager. In school I learnt a bit of PASCAL and FORTRAN.
Then I made a search around and choose "C language", and I made some money out of it.
In 1999 I moved to a farm and I am a hobbyist since, although I don`t have much time left to hobby.
Then I saw my disappointment grow with all that MS spyware, bloatware, s***ware and the like.

Android came in and I wanted to "play" around with it.
I started with JAVA (Eclipse, etc) but I have not much time.
I spent weeks to make a VERY simple APP in JAVA, and I gave up and searched for an alternative.

Then I found B4A, installed the trial version, and in minutes I had an APP far more complex then that APP
that took me WEEKS to make in JAVA (And I didn`t know BASIC).
Next step was buying a full license of B4A and discover a very good support and community around (all of you are great).

Unfortunately I don`t have time enough to master B4A, B4J and B4R as I wish, but still play with them when I can. (I don`t do B4I)

Now B4A is free and I hope this community will grow better an better.

Best wishes