My B4X Story

So i discovered B4X (B4A) in 2012. Actually i started building my first App using Eclips and after few days working with it but i always looked for a way to use vb code creating my first Android app. But could not find anything. I was really surprised that microsoft did not offer such a possibility back on this days. So somehow (i dont remember how) i found basic 4 android. I felt in love with it in the first minutes so i downloaded the trial version and purchased the full version within few days. I left eclips by side and started using the coding language i already knew (from vb express 2005)
it was really awesome to use such a simple language and still create a native app.

After few days my first App was ready and i uploaded it to the store. i was very proud on it and that was only the beginning. Until today i created many many apps (50+) using b4a and b4i that i have uploaded to the stores and much more are pending.

What are you using B4X for?
Today i am using it to create apps for stores and also for my work.

How did you discover B4X?
I think through Google Search

What were you using before B4X?
Visual Basic Express 2005 & Visual Basic Express 2010

What have you learnt while developing with B4X?
A LOT. i learned to create games. i learned to use SQL, i learned to communicate with mysql db, and much much more.

What are your future plans with B4X?
My dream is to open an office and do b4x full time. But now its more as a second Job for me.

Bottom line, B4X + B4x Community made me a much better coder and also a better person :)
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