My B4X story


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My story goes back many years, when DOS was still mostly used. My first commercial application was made in Clipper for the purpose of inventory management in a material warehouse with barcode support.
FoxPro and DBase were still popular at the time.
Then Windows operating systems became increasingly important and it was necessary to adapt to this. Somehow I started with MSAccess 2.0 at the time because it allowed a lot of creativity. The first application was intended to print reports on various measurements in the metrology laboratory. The app grew and was always updated to newer versions, which was very easy. I liked MSAccess because of the very good reporting system. The app is still a bit redesigned and works today, even though I haven’t worked in that job for a few years.
Because I knew MSAccess very well, several applications were created to support various production processes, which still work today.
In the meantime, I was still working on VB 6.0, especially when I needed some communication with the peripherals via the serial port. MSAccess also supported these communications, but things were getting too slow. In between, there were a few trips to other tools, but they didn’t work out.
The development of technology and the change of job has led me to new challenges. I started working on developing an ecology-related device.
The system is based on Raspberry PI, which presents new challenges to find an application development tool that is easy and close to the already known tools (VB6). so I started getting to know B4J.
I have successfully developed a system that runs on the Raspberry Pi and supports various communications with peripherals. Currently, two RS232 peripherals (kiosk printer, RFID), UDP communication with the main controller and LTE modem are used.
Everything is supported in the mariaDB database locally on the device and the connection to the server for the purpose of monitoring all devices.
In the two years of operation of the first devices, there were no outages, currently there are 80 of them and we add a few every month.
I would like to thank you for a great product and also the support, which is really great here on the forum. We have always found a solution.


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Can you send me a demo version of your lab metrology software, please, it could be interesting




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The project was created in stages, in the first phase it was necessary to find a suitable solution for separating dirt from oil. B4J was also used from the beginning, originally as a console application for stepper motors and RFID. An OPC was provided for the UI.
Over time, I also replaced this with a UI interface on the Raspberry Pi. So I’ve simplified a lot of things, and it’s also more economically efficient.
The project has been actively developing for about a year.