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This is my first app using B4A and I start learning here with forum´s help and still in portuguese but I´ll translate.
It´s a Speed Dial software with some features
1 - When you click in a favorites or call register it´s zoom so you can read better
2 -With a long click it will talk the contact
3 - You can program up to ten speed dial numbers that you can call directly from the keyboard ( 0 to 9 ) to make a call. The name appears in the key
4 - I put some effects, thanks to Informatix library UltimateListView
5 - Starts quick
6 - All the effects can be switch on/off

I appreciate comments and sugestions

This software it´s part of another software that will need a good dial


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New version .
Now in Portuguese and English
Any comment will be glad

Please confirm if it is version 0.93