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Hi all, i using php to get data from my server mysql database.

Code like below.
Sub ExecuteRemoteQuery(Query As String, JobName As String)
    Dim job As HttpJob
    job.Initialize(JobName, Me)
    job.PostString("", Query)
End Sub

But my question is how to change the timeout limit, because i reading some bigger data but over 30+/-sec
it have error like that.
ResponseError. Reason:, Response:


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Search the forum how to change the timeout for a httpjob. I´m sure you´ll find the answer
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In case you didn't manage to find what you need, this is the answer:

Make sure you have OkHttp library enabled. Add this row at the end:

job.GetRequest.Timeout = 60000

You can adjust the value (60000 = 60 seconds)
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ResponseError. Reason:, Response:

To be honest:

- If your request takes more than 0.5 secs there must be a design issue in your app
- If you want to download 10000 rows -> Dont' do that (except there is an acceptable reason which is not given in 99.99% of all cases)
- If you want do download MB's of data -> see #2

Good practice:

- if your request needs more than 0.5 (secs) there MUST be a design issue (bad db design, indexes wrong, etc)
- Only download what the USER can handle at one time (e.g. 50 rows max.)
- download more only if he/she REALLY NEEDS it
- if you need to download huge data use (s)ftp
- if it's a batch job (like to process 100.000 rows -> don't do that with an app, it's a server's job or B4J) -> even here: Only load 100 rows at one time!

My requests (millions of rows in a db) take about 0.05 secs MAX! so I always DECREASE the timeout to 2 secs (if something really goes wrong like bad internet connection)
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