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The idea is that a record stores data of a flight.
The record is send by TCP to the 'About Time' server for storage and display with About Time web client at
  • the address is :
  • the port to use is 40640
The server answers to the client who sent the data

            If astreams.IsInitialized Then
            End If

            Wait For socket1_Connected(successful As Boolean)
            ToastMessageShow("socket1_connected event fired",False)
            If successful Then

            End If

I do receive the Connected event, but it always returns False.
What am I doing wrong or is missing.
Is there anybody out there who can help me?
Very much appreciated



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you went through the same thing a month ago. no one was able to connect then. you provided
no documentation then or now. and the "connected" event doesn't mean there is a connection.
port 40640 was closed then, and it's still closed (port 40740 is open, by the way). this thread is
no different from the previous thread. "send by tcp" is vague (http uses tcp, ftp uses tcp, etc).
please provide a link to the server's documentation.

update: i believe port 40740 is a websockets server. the web site gets its updates from a websockets server listening on that port.
if that's the case, you may need a websockets client, not b4a's socket library. but without documentation from you, it's hard to know.
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