Need help shoosing folder & new branch


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I have attached the FolderChooser example with a small modification.

I wish to choose a directory then add a new folder in that directory then get the tree to be open at that new branch, so if I want to I can add another directory in the newly created directory.

This is not exactly how I plan to use this file but its the smallest simplest way I can ask for this help.

Basically my problem is refreshing the tree to show the newly created folder. Preferably with that folder selected.

Thanks Guys


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Hi tsteward,

I attached a (not perfectly) fixed version of your folder chooser. :sign0161:
Now there are two buttons, one to create a new folder on the same level of the current selected folder, one to create a new subfolder of the current selected folder.
Why not perfectly fixed? The new folder or subfolder in not inserted in sort order but always at the and of the current folder list.

Hope this solution is working for you...