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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by Brian, May 5, 2007.

  1. Brian

    Brian New Member


    Nice work on your Basic4ppc,program in c++Builder4 mostly.But have to
    switch to basic4ppc for my iPAC rx1450.Ive used it 4 days now and it works
    great-saved me from buying windows studio too.....
    I have just been messing around with the CHIT-CHAT program and the
    net lib. seems fine,but my U-720 from "sprint" is very stingy on sharing the
    net or WEB-called them up and they told me to disable the WI-FI on
    my ipac to use it.I told them what do you think I bought the device in
    the first place for.Since I got on the net twice with it-before it blocked me
    off somehow...This is just a nother example of pure GREED.After all
    am paying for their service-Should be able to have at least (1 PDA) on it.
    Since I am new to NET/WEB Programming more Examples using your
    IDE would be helpfull...
    By the way the reason I,m doing all this is to build a Hover craft with unlimited range(MiniDV CAM 3200X ZOOM&GPS)
    Electric Pros.....etc......Maybe if I get done with this complex project I could HELP save some lives and make a little money too...

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