B4A Library Network Service Discovery - Apple Bonjour – mDNS – Zero Configuration Networking

Hi, I am designing an IoT device that required an auto-discovery service. I did not find any way to easily read a Bonjour Answer (mDNS - [5353]).

To fix my problem I decided to wrap the Network service discovery (NSD) from android. https://developer.android.com/training/connect-devices-wirelessly/nsd

Library Code : https://github.com/DylanMeng/B4A-LIB_NetworkServiceDiscovery

B4A Code:
NetworkServiceDiscovery - Example:
Public Sub SearchForDevices
    Dim nsd As NetworkServiceDiscovery
    nsd.setService("SMART-D-LED", "_sdledV1._tcp.", 5353)
    'nsd.registerService() NOT TESTED
End Sub

'Resolve Listener
Sub nsd_onResolveFailed(aErrorCode As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Resolve failed - Error code:" & aErrorCode)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onServiceResolved(aService As String, aServiceName As String, aServiceHost As String, aServicePort As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Resolve Succeeded")
    Log("Smart D-LED device discovered at " & aServiceHost & ":" & aServicePort)
End Sub

'Registration Listener
Sub nsd_onServiceRegistered(aServiceName As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service registered: " & aServiceName)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onRegistrationFailed(aErrorCode As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service registration failed - Error code: " & aErrorCode)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onServiceUnregistered(aServiceName As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service unregistered: " & aServiceName)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onUnregistrationFailed(aErrorCode As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service unregistration failed - Error code: " & aErrorCode)
End Sub

'Discovery Listener
Sub nsd_onDiscoveryStarted(aRegType As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service discovery started: " & aRegType)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onServiceFound(aService As String, aServiceName As String, aServiceType As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service discovery success: " & aService)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onServiceLost(aService As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Service lost: " & aService)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onDiscoveryStopped(aServiceType As String)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - Discovery stopped: " & aServiceType)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onStartDiscoveryFailed(aErrorCode As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - On start Discovery failed - Error code: " & aErrorCode)
End Sub

Sub nsd_onStopDiscoveryFailed(aErrorCode As Int)
    Log("NetworkServiceDiscovery - On Stop Discovery failed - Error code:" & aErrorCode)
End Sub

Resolve Succeeded - Example

Change Log:

V1.01 – To-Do

V1.00 – Initial release (Experimental)

Well, I hope this can help someone. Keep in mind that it’s the first time that I wrapped a Java library. More work will be needed to stabilize.


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I have try, but..
nsd_onServiceResolved = not working, cannot detect ip.
nsd_onServiceFound = works! hostname found. how if device connected more than one, did you already test?