Networking (DNS?) device problem


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Can anyone help with this problem

I am playing with networking using network.dll and running a server (written in B4PPC) on my laptop. My client is connecting so:-
This works fine running on my desktop and I can talk to the laptop. It also works fine on my device if it is connected to my desktop by Windows Mobile (ActiveSync). When disconnected I get the error "no such host is known". If I replace "client.GetIP2("amglaptop") with the actual IP address "" it works fine when disconnected.

I guess this is probably a local DNS (or lack of it) problem but why can the desktop (running Vista) resolve the name but the PDA ( Axim X30 WM2003SE) cannot? Is it related to the fact that my partner's PC (XP Home) appears in the router devices with the correct name but my laptop (also XP Home) appears as "UNKNOWN"?

EDIT:- Forgot to mention that the network connection is WiFi
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Hi agraham,
I battled for about 3 days to get my Ipaq to talk to my pc via wifi,
in the end it trunout to be that you must not be connected to USB at the time, if the USB is connected the Wifi comes on but the minute you try to connect it shut off.
Worked for me on HP ipaq and windowxpProfSP2, using a wifiAP wired to the PC
I hope this would help