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i believe google has unleashed a new webview. i'm pretty sure i saw notification scrolling by a couple days ago when i happened to turn a device on in wifi mode (same story with 2 other devices.)

several things have stopped working, notably the alert() call. i only use it for some debugging on the devices. they've all been recently updated to the new webview, if that - in fact, is what i actually saw (see my pathetic, erroneous post about days of the week recently.) in any case, no more alert(). there are also some other things, but alert() is the simplest to re-create if someone would like to try on a recently updated device. alert() does continue to work on the emulator (not updated), so it has to be a real device. mine are running 4.1.x, 5.0 (upgraded by google from 4.4.x) and 5.0.2, respectively.

does this ring a bell with anyone? min/max sdk setting, perhaps? new version of webextras (i'm using 1.40, as in WE.addWebChromeClient( webview1,"WEevent" )? as i say, alerts worked fine on all the devices until a few days ago.