Android Question New to b4a; Need help evaluating limitations


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I'm a professional Android (Java) and iOS developer looking for an alternative to the standard Android Sdk/Java stack.
I have a concrete project to start now and i don't really know if i can implement all features with basic 4 android.
The bottleneck-features are:
1. Download large (>700mb) encoded mp3 files asynchronously.
2. Decode (aes256) those files asynchronously.
3. Play them and jump to specific positions (by chapter selection, or bookmark, or slider) and still provide a fluent playback...
4. Provide a Ebook Reader-like webview interface to show epub files.

If anyone knows if this is possible (or not), i would greatly appreciate some feedback.
...And then (if all lights are green) try to implement the app with b4a.