Android Question NFC HostCardEmulation (HCE)


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Hi All.
To use a device as an NFC tag (and not as a reader) I have seen that it is possible using a card emulation.
HostCardEmulation (HCE)
I've made sure that the current library can't do any of this and that the Android beam

example doesn't seem to work

Any suggestions on how to do this?


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beam was discontinued a while back.

hce works. technically. that is to say, it is
simple to set up (as simple as enabling
nfc recognition), and it's just another service.
follow android's documentation. configuration
is very similar to that used to read non-ndef

the problem i encountered may be related to
my only having pixel devices (3 - 4 - 6) to test
with. your luck may be different if you don't use

the problem has to do with google pay. if i configure
1 device to be the hce and use the other devices as
terminals, as soon as i put the hce near one of the
other devices, google pay basically overrides my nfc
reader software and takes over. (i've never used
google pay.) since it does not seem possible to
remove or disable google pay, i have no way to continue.

i should note that this only occurs when configuring 1
device for hce. so i infer from this that hce does what
it's supposed to do: if you have nfc reader software
on 1 device and hce on another, something will happen
on the device acting as the reader. unfortunately, on
my pixels, that "something" is google pay.
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