NOTIFY PPD Monetization Strategy

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    We have a private PPD model right now. Please email us at if you want to qualify for this offering.

    Details on payout rates...

    If you have apps that have more than 25k users, then you may qualify upon review:
    NOTIFY pays $20 CPM (PPD for countries, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Spain), $10 - $15 CPM for Germany, Netherlands, France, USA, South Africa, Poland and Brazil, and $5 CPM (WorldWide). Excludes China traffic.

    Please note that each app is reviewed before being approved for the PPD model until the program is released to the general public without restriction. Final PPD rates may be adjusted once the PPD program is releases to the public (these rates may be temporary).

    For further details, please email us

    We look forward to bringing you a more robust solution and becoming the choice ad network partner for developers. Happy Developing!!! [​IMG]

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    All the Best,

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