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I have been asked to arrange for and invitation to develop a website for a group of joint stock holders that lost their benefits due to exploitation by a greedy minority.

The main features of the required website include, but not limited to, the following:

- Standard website with main menu which has common known options (Home, Group, Community, Contact ...)
- Embedded forum platform (first choice is Xenforo 2.2)
- Embedded Video Conferencing platform (first choice is Jitsi)

The main purpose is to provide mean of gathering the stock holders on one platform as currently they are using Whatsapp groups which are scattered and difficult to organize their members and share their content as well.

Being a member of this community I feel obliged to recommend B4X + (ABMaterial/BANano), hoping this may add another success story.

I never mind, in fact I love it, to see more than one developer collaborating in this project.

Please PM or contact me via