One of my users reports app data being deleted when updated


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I'm using the app external directory, not the cache directory
So everything goes in:
SD card\Android\data\com.omnicorp.lcarui.test\files

He is reporting that after he updates my app from the marketplace, BEFORE running the app, the folder is deleted.

He says "It's a 2GB SD card with 1.3BG free." on a "T-Mobile Comet" running Android 2.2

I verified the files were still in place BEFORE installing the update.

Upon installing, the device stated the app would be replaced and any user data would be saved.

After install, without running the app, I found that this folder did not exist:

After running the app, that folder was created in the process, and it was, of course, empty.
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Probably that user has Android 2.2 on his/her device, there's known bug that does precisely that on certain devices.