OpenGL vector map library - running on Android, iOS

Discussion in 'Job Offers' started by jamesnz, Jun 24, 2019.

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    I'm trying to develop a cross platform (ios/android) navigation app which requires maps, polylines, markers, (preferably , but not essentially offline routing), so far nothing is quite as flexible as I want it to be and obviously I need to stay away from google services.
    I've been playing with @warwound 's OSM/mapsforge library and some navigation backends such as mapquest ,project-OSRM and
    I can't style maps with the OSMdroid4_1 library and I can't access the OSM data embedded in OSM's offline mapfiles for the likes of poi's and navigation.

    It occurs to me that perhaps three platforms within b4x (java/ios/android) could benefit from the OPENGL vector map library ,styled maps and provide a rather stunning 3d interface which is arguably on par with the current google maps

    There is a good example here, cruiser : appstore,

    Interested in thoughts on this, how many might use it , and how many hours /$ it might take to get something like this working on b4A
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  2. somed3v3loper

    somed3v3loper Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I managed to compile b4a part but still no working sample , I will see if I can complete it :)
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