Android Question OSM...need some advice.


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Hi All,

Due to the issues I'm currently experiencing trying to get Google Maps to work (empty/blank screen) and the time constraints that I'm under, I was wondering if if anyone who has used OSM in an Android project can advise me on whether OSM can meet my requirements. I don't have any knowledge of OSM and so therefore cannot really make an imformed descision but, as time is short for me I'm hoping you kind folks can give me some pointers. Basically, my app needs to be able to plot the current position of the device on the map, add a marker/pin to the map and preferably locate the street name (is that geoloaction?) it's on. Obviously, Google maps has all this (and more) but need to know if OSM can do it. I've been looking at the OSM lib by Warwound and he's done a fantastic job but, from all the examples he's created I cannot easily tell if I'll be able to meet my requirements.

For example, I did try his very basic project of just getting a map running. This worked but, I noticed the zoom level wasn't high enough to see get to street level. This could be an issue as one of my requirements needs the user to be able to plot their current location.

I would appreciate any advise on this so I can make a decision.

Thank you.