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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by BerndB, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. BerndB

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    I use the navigation app OziExplorerCE.

    With using it while doing cycling tours lots of files are accumulating - maps, tracks, routes ...

    This is a suggestion how to keep the overview of all that files.

    Without changes it only makes sense for people using OziExplorerCE
    But the attachment should include everything to play around.
    And of course it's not finished.

    Thanks Erel, Agraham, Dimitris and Klaus I could manage it so far ... :sign0100:

    a brief introduction:
    searches for files of certain categories (maps, tracks, routes ...)
    lists it in a table
    sorts it for distance, compare to a specific location
    shows the locations, the files belong to, on a overview map

    tap and hold on the map shows the corresponding coordinates
    and -if close enough- the corresponding file names

    After loading the progi the first time you need to collect the files,
    through clicking "map","track" and/or "route"

    After that you have to determine the distance to a specific coordinate
    (GPS not implemented yet) with clicking "dist"

    in the upper right textbox it tells you the filename for the csi Digital Elevation Data files (CGIAR-CSI SRTM 90m DEM Digital Elevation Database)

    The spinButton below determines up to which distance the table entrances are shown in the overview map when clicking "map" button to the right.

    small yellow dots are city markers directly on the map.
    big yellow circles indicate about the area of a Digital Elevation Data file.
    gray dots are maps
    red dots are routes
    blue dots are tracks

    Zooming does still make problems on my FS Loox 720 (Win 2003 Se).
    This I will discuss in an other thread.

    Bernd :)

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  2. BerndB

    BerndB Member Licensed User

    Edit: improved zoom method no more OutOfMemoryException

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