Share My Creation Page Turner that works with listview

This does not use OpenGL, or Andrew's page turner library: hence it looks less impressive, but it does contain a lot of interesting uses of canvas and bitmap functions.

I have done my best to minimize the code.

V2: Various bug fixes, finishes off animating the page turn.
My final update for this, enjoy.


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I hope Andrew will ammend his library so that it will stop showing a bitmap after the animation is finished and let the user handle the touch events.
Neither are possible amendments to my library. It is based on OpenGL and is expressly designed to deal animating bitmaps.


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If you look at my code, I am actually generating rough bitmaps for the current/next page(either forwards or backwards)-> (sub generatebitmap (pageinput As Int) As Bitmap).


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Work of more than a wonderful thank you :)
How Can I make Page Turner to ImageView instead of the ListView

Do you put an example on Page Turner to ImageView :sign0060: