Android Question Parsing a relative string to an integer

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Cableguy, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Hi guys...

    I have a file that has or will have some relative string values like "1.3%x"... but if I feed this string into a map and try to use it as an integer... it fails... obviously...
    How can I parse this relative string into an integer?

  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Get the needed subpart of the string (1.3) and cast it to a float or double
    1.3 can not be an int.

    Maybe i did not understand the question right. Dont know what you mean with "relative string"
  3. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    the string is a screen relative percentage like in the example 1.3%x... if I put this into the map without the quotes it works and gets converted to an integer screen value... but with the quotes I get an error... so i'm guessing I will have that error once I read that value from a file ( not yet implemented)
  4. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Sadly b4a does not have a "eval"

    Write the real int behind the relative value into the file and read the int back instead of a string.

    You can write the int value to a file. for the rest you can use YOUR brain :D
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  5. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Lol.... I found a workaround... Not in parsing but in my way of making my calculations
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  6. RandomCoder

    RandomCoder Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi @Cableguy is this for what I think it is ;)
    Just store the value you want to use and then multiply it by 1%x or 1%y as required.
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  7. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    indeed... I'll send you a new dropbox link ... decided to re-think the whole initialization procedure...
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