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This issue is related to Passcodeview lib by @DonManfred
In the version V1.01 the event "onFail()" does not seem to get fired.

Sub pw_onFail
End Sub
Also when the PasscodeType is 0 (adding a new passcode) and if the passcodes do not match, the app crashes leaving the log:

*** Service (starter) Create ***
Error occurred on line: 0 (Main)
java.lang.Exception: Sub pw_onfail signature does not match expected signature.
public static anywheresoftware.b4a.pc.RemoteObject b4a.example.main_subs_0._pw_onfail() throws java.lang.Exception
class java.lang.String,
Any help will be appreciated.


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Seems like an issue in the Github project. I updated my wrapper to use the newest github project.
When playing with my Example the lib does run the WRONG or CORRECT Code animation. The numbers get shaked a bit and then marked in RED color

But i agree that it does not raise an Errorevent. It happens here too.