Pay to Picture rotated fix, and stretched pictures at CamEx Class (Samsung Devices)

Douglas Farias

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Hi all
I pay $ 25 for those who send me the cam ex fixed with

- automatic fix at preview size (Get the suported preview sizes and make a calc to show this correct on the screen, dont stretch the image)
PS: i need this automatic, for each device make a calc automatic and show a correct image at preview camera.

10748760_859788640718020_1765989736_n.jpg 10799812_859788467384704_1199137295_n.jpg

- Rotated pictures, i see this bug under the s3 and s4 devices.
PS: need to read the exifdata and fix only to samsung devices i think.

you can use this

but remember if you use this will work at samsung but u go have bug on another devices.

I pay $25 for a total working camera with (camex class), if u send me this working 100% i send u the money :)

thx to all
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