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Rizal Putra

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Is it posiible to create "Paypal Buttton for Donate" like on web / blog ?
so if user press that button, default web browser app will open paypal website to transfer some money direct to my paypal account for donate.


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I mean how to insert that button in my android app ?
Go to here:

Follow the steps, at the end you should get some HTML code for your button, instead, go to the "Email" tab and copy the URL. That is the URL that will open once you press the button.

Create a button in your designer / code a button and add it and then create a click event for it. This will be the code the click event:

Dim p As PhoneIntents
    StartActivity(p.OpenBrowser("YOUR PAYPAL URL"))
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Yep. I went to Paypal and they had a tool which let you create the code for a DONATE button; so that is done.

You seem to know a lot about using the WebChromeClient.

I had seen a page about 2 days ago which detailed how to back-up in the web history when someone hits their phone's KEYCODES_BACK button. Then, once the history has played-out, let the normal back button work; but I lost it.

Do you know how that would be done, or can you find that page?