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I have downloaded free only... I am an License user sir.Pls help me...

I Need to modify my code that I have already finish 1.5 years ago.


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Thanks.I have get pdfviewer library from developer (@@icefairy333).but When I compile my code its shows an error message.For your reference I am attaching error screenshot.Pls check & advise how to solve this problem.



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Hi thedesolatesoul I only try to help, The original Link is dead. And the original site is in Chinese.
And obviously not my Library, it is the original library.
I'm new here, and I dont know if it is allowed to do in case of failure mirrors the original site.
I go to talk with the creator and ask if I can save and share on dropbox.

While waiting I remove the link.

Update #1
I read the Terms and Rules and I dont see anything about that.
I sent PM to Erel and icefairy333 to ask about this.

Update #2
icefairy333 say, he has no problem
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