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Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by BeneBarros, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. BeneBarros

    BeneBarros Active Member Licensed User

    I have a problem with PDFJet.
    put an image in the Column (0) and a text in the Column (2)
    Column (2) has fixed width.
    When I run "PDFTable.WrapAroundCellText" it generates images in Column (0) in the amount of lines created in column (2).

    Annex example.

    I have to fix this ???

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  2. Phayao

    Phayao Member Licensed User

    Same problem here - but no answer from the forum about this.
    My workaround is to put each picture in a separate row under the text. Not perfect but better than nothing.
    If anyone has a better idea, I will appreciate also.
    Thank you,

  3. Daestrum

    Daestrum Well-Known Member Licensed User

    It seems when you have long text it splits the text and creates extra rows in the table.
    I have it adding just one tick box per row, but it depends on knowing that (in your example) it creates 4 lines for the text.
    I couldn't find a routine to tell how many lines it creates.
    This was the relevant code I changed ( I added the image directly to the PDFTable)
    txt = "A alface é uma das hortaliças mais comercializadas no Brasil. Produzida durante todo o ano, no campo ou em estufas, " & _
    "seu cultivo é prejudicado quando não é plantada a temperaturas apropriadas, com excesso de radiação solar, com chuvas prolongadas, " & _
    "que podem inibir seu crescimento e danificá-la. Para verificar o ambiente mais adequado de cultivo e As variedades mais indicadas"
    For R = 0 To 4
    Dim PDFImage As PDFjetImage
    Dim Columns(3As String
    0) = ""
    1) = Chr(R+65) & ")"
    2) = txt
    For c=0 To 2
                Column = Columns(c).Trim
                PDFCell.Initialize2(PDFFont1, Column)
    '        Dim PDFImage As PDFjetImage
    '        If R=1 Then
    '            PDFImage.Initialize(PDFjetPDF1, File.OpenInput(File.DirTemp, "CkTrue.png"), PDFjetConstants1.ImageType.PNG)
    '        Else
    '            PDFImage.Initialize(PDFjetPDF1, File.OpenInput(File.DirTemp, "CkFalse.png"), PDFjetConstants1.ImageType.PNG)
    '        End If
    '        PDFImage.ScaleBy(0.25)
    '        TableData1.GetRow(r).Get(0).SetImage(PDFImage)

    Dim wdt As Float = PDFTable.GetColumnWidth(0)
        wdt= wdt + PDFTable.GetColumnWidth(
        wdt = 
    260 - wdt
    For R = 0 To 4
    Dim PDFImage As PDFjetImage
    If R=1 Then
    File.OpenInput(File.DirTemp, "CkTrue.png"), PDFjetConstants1.ImageType.PNG)
    File.OpenInput(File.DirTemp, "CkFalse.png"), PDFjetConstants1.ImageType.PNG)
    End If
    0,PDFImage.GetWidth *1.5)
    4).Get(0).SetImage(PDFImage)    ''' it's the * 4 part that gets it in right row

    End Sub
    Hope this gives you some help (not used PDFjet until this problem, so definitely not an expert on it)

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