Android Question PDFWriter Greek Characters Error


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I am Using PDFWriter to create a pdf file but when i am trying to print Greek Characters i am getting error in pdf document

Sub CreatePDF()
    If(FirstTime) Then
       PDFWriter.Initialize("PDFWriter", PaperSize.A4_WIDTH, PaperSize.A4_HEIGHT)
   End If   

   PDFWriter.setFont(Fonts.SUBTYPE, Fonts.SYMBOL)
   PDFWriter.addText(40, PaperSize.A4_HEIGHT - 50, 14, "Report - ΑΝΑΦΟΡΑ")
   PDFWriter.addText(40, PaperSize.A4_HEIGHT - 80, 14, "Date - ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ")   

Sub PDFWriter_ConversionDone (Content As String)
    PDFContent = Content
    PDFWriter.outputToFile(File.DirRootExternal, "MyFile.pdf", PDFContent,  "ISO-8859-1")
End Sub
Because of my app i cant use Printer Library to create a pdf. What i am doing Wrong? Thanks :)


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You are Setting a symbolfont. Sure it contains Greek characters?
I use also other Fonts but again i am receiving unknow characters. What to do?

The library can print only english letters see and your self. What to do to print other Languages Please?

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