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Has anyone wich ARDUINO PLC can be recommanded for using with B4R
I give a look to INDUSTRIAL SHIELDS, but i am not sure of the
compatibility with B4R
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Hi, B4R will work with boards that the Arduino IDE supports.

Industrial Shields seem to offer 2 products:
"Ethernet Controller Range" 'based on' Arduino Mega.
and "20 IOS PLC Range" 'based on' Arduino Leonardo.

If the supplier confirms that these boards are Arduino IDE compatible, they should work with B4R - Unless they need custom libraries that don't exist for B4R.

What do you need on a board that isn't on a standard Arduino (compatible) board?


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Thank your for your precise answer
my needs are on the industrial side : working with 24v inputs, 24supply, as it is standard in the industry with PLC's like siemens S1200
I have to connect a coder ( it's a Wheel who translate a displacement of a product on a conveyor in pulses..
I will also connect a Product sensor ( work in 24v), and drive a relay for start printing and putting a label on a product
So i have to count pulses : for 200mm i have 1000 pulses, the product move 1m/sec., so i have to count 5000pulses in a second.
Will see if my Arduino is fast enough ( without using interrups ).
I will also communicate with a PC in UDP mode ( send and receive )
i am also intersted on the mechanical format : rail din compatible.
B4R is so much faster to write as PLC langages.
B4R = 2 hours, TIA Portal for siemens = a eternity
Best regards